A fisherman is a business of fishing for fish from a pond for the purpose of feeding or just for fun.
Fishing is divided into amateur and sports. Unlike fishing, fishing is entertainment, leisure, a form of recreation, tourism and sports.


Fishing gear

Tackle for catching fish. Feeder, donka, carp tackle, etc. Making tackles with your own hands.
Rules for the care of fishing gear. On the eve of fishing, prepare your fishing gear so that you don’t have to collect them in a hurry in the morning, trying not to forget anything. Check the ease of rotation of the spinning reels, lubricate with special grease if necessary. Rods must be packed in the covers, regardless of whether you are fishing or walking by car.
Preparing for winter fishing, put the necessary gear in the fishing box. In order not to forget the moth, put a note on the box. Check the sharpness of the icebreaker knives.
All fishing gear must be ready for fishing so that you do not have to knit your leashes and set up fishing rods while fishing, losing valuable time.
After fishing, going home, you should not hurry. It is better to spend a few minutes and carefully fold all the fishing gear - then you will save a lot of time.
The most common fishing gear
Fishing tackles listed here are widespread.


With the help of spinning predatory fish are caught. The bait are: jigging (spinners - shake), wobblers, snap fish with dead fish and jig nozzles - tristers, vibrating tails, silicone worms, etc.
For each method of fishing for spinning need their own fishing gear. So, the spinning rod with the "slow" system will work poorly on jig fishing. A spinning rod line refers to the speed at which the rod tip will take its initial position if the rod is bent and released sharply.The fishing line is one of the most important fishing gear. For spinning now most often use braided fishing line. For jig fishing, the presence of a “netting” is a necessary condition. Due to zero stretching, the “braided line” conveys well the moment when the ground touches the jig-head at the rod tip.Spinning reels used inertialess or multiplier. Inertialess allow you to continue to throw the bait.Multiplier allow your finger along the line to feel the bite. They are more powerful, but they are more expensive than spinless reels. Novice fisherman easier to use inertia reel.
Spinning rods are used as fishing gear for bottom fishing rods.

Fishing circles

A circle is a free-floating fishing tackle, consists of a bobbin-float, less often a piece of foam plastic or an empty poltorashka with wound fishing line, has a weight and a leash with a hook. The upper side of the mug is colored red, the lower side is white. The fishing line passes through the antenna.
Live bait clings to the hook under the first ray of the dorsal fin. When poklevke circle turns upside down the white side, the fishing line is unwound, allowing the fish to swallow the bait. Fisherman notices a bite in an inverted mug.
Fishing circles are exhibited in the amount of from five to ten pieces. The fisherman is in the boat, watching the swimming circles, occasionally rearranging them to the starting position.